4 Reasons Children Should Learn Piano

Learning the piano offers children several key benefits that will help them not only now, but in their adult lives. If you’re interested in keeping a home piano for your children to practice on, check out a local piano store Boston. For now, keep reading to find out about four reason children should learn piano.

1: Learning Music Means Children Use More of Their Brain

It has been scientifically proven that children who learn any type of musical instrument utilize a larger portion of their brains than those who were not taught to play.

2: Offers A Healthy Outlet

Being a child can often be stressful in ways we adults often forget. The piano offers a healthy outlet for children to relieve these stressors. They can play a tune which suits their current mood, or compose new ones of their own, which can be as therapeutic as keeping a journal.

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3: Improves Motor Skills

Fine motor skills can be drastically improved by learning the piano, which makes use of both hands at once. The hands are often moving separately from one another, which is a valuable skill that many do not possess. These motor skills will come in handy for a variety of different professions.

4: Gives A Sense of Accomplishment

Each time your child masters a new composition or learns a new skill, they will be given a sense of accomplishment. These are skills that they must work hard to earn, and can not simply be handed to them either, which serves the dual purpose of teaching them the valuable lesson of perseverance.

5: It’s Fun

Playing the piano presents the opportunity to have a lot of fun. While they may sometimes complain about long practice sessions, your children will love playing for the family!