Squat to Gain Muscle

knee pain from squats

There is a belief among many people who work out that if you want to gain muscle in a certain part of your body, you should only be focusing on those exercises. For instance, people who want massive arms spend all their time working on their triceps and biceps.

Exercising the Whole Body

While it is a good idea to focus your workout on the areas you want to improve the most, they cannot be your only focus. You must ensure that you are working out your whole body – especially your legs.

Squats for Muscle Gain

People normally do not associate squats with being the exercise that you are going to complete if you want to gain muscle. Sure, you would imagine that you will have bigger and stronger legs. But no one associates squats with helping them “get big” in their upper body. But that is what happens.

Squats are such a total workout that you are going to release testosterone into your body when you perform them often. If you are squatting at least twice a week, and you keep increasing the weight slowly during your squats, you will see very impressive gains in your overall workout results.

Squat Technique

If you are adding squats to your workout, ensure your technique is spot on. The last thing you want is knee pain from squats, as that will only set you back. It is vital that you focus on your form when you are performing squats.

Too many people start to focus on how quickly they can get their reps done, how many reps they can complete or how many weights they can lift while squatting. Those are secondary focuses to technique. If your form is right and you are squatting on a comfortable surface, everything else will fall into place.